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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Internet Tourney, Ohrid 2018
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(1) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Monday, Apr 9, 2018 16:47]

Internet Tourney, Ohrid 2018

Section A: Orthodox helpmate twomovers (h#2)
Theme: Black in its first move captures different white piece in at least two phases (solutions or twins).
Judge: Nikola Stolev

Section B: Orthodox helpmate moremovers (h#3.5-n)
Theme: Exchange of places between two pieces of different colour. After the exchange, each of the thematic pieces makes at least one more move. Multiple solutions and twins (except with zero-position) are allowed.
Judge: Zlatko Mihajloski

The tourney is open for all composers world-wide. Maximum three compositions per author, including joint works, are allowed in each section.

Closing date for both sections is 30 June 2018. Entries should be sent to Ivan Denkovski, email:

The results will be announced at the WCCC opening ceremony, on 1 September 2018. The awards will be published on the congress website, and in the Journal of the 61st WCCC.


Nikola Stolev
3rd Pr. Novi Temi 5th T.T. 1973
(= 4+8 )


1.exd5 Rxg6 2.Rf8+ gxf8=S#
1.exd6 g8=R 2.Bf6 Sxf6#

Zlatko Mihajloski
1st Pr. V. Stankevich-80 JT 2012
(= 3+11 )


1.Qg3+ Kf1 2.Qe1+ Kg2 3.Kc7 Kf3 4.Kd6 Kxe3 5.Kd5 Kf4 6.Qg3+ Kf5 7.Qd6 e4#

Fadil Abdurahmanović & bernd ellinghoven
feenschach 2015
(= 3+8 )


1...Bxg7 2.Ka3 Bxh6 3.Bh8 Bg7 4.Rh4 Ba1 5.Bc3 dxc3 6.d2 Kc2 7.Ra4 Bb2#
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(2) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Monday, Apr 16, 2018 11:03]; edited by Mario Parrinello [18-04-16]

In the announcement of section A (h#2) it is stated captures of different white pieces at B1.
Is it thematic to show captures of different white PAWNS?
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(3) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Monday, Apr 16, 2018 11:55]

In section A, it can be any different white units that are captured at B1. The judge confirms that capturing white pawns is treated as thematic.
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(4) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Monday, Apr 16, 2018 12:05]

Thanks, Ivan!
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(5) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Monday, Jun 4, 2018 10:48]

Less than a month left for submissions.

A clarification is given for section B, that the thematic pieces should be on their thematic exchange squares in the diagram position, as in the examples. The announcement document (at the above link) has been updated with clarification notes.
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(6) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Friday, Jun 29, 2018 13:35]

Along with a reminder that the closing day for entries is tomorrow, I would like to show off a miniature example for section A:

Ivan Denkovski
feenschach 1987
(= 4+2 )

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(7) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Saturday, Jun 30, 2018 19:42]

Thanks... some Indian entries will be there !
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(8) Posted by Rajendiran Raju [Monday, Aug 27, 2018 18:08]

Much awaiting Ohrid Congress is nearing ... Some one Covering the Proceedings Live in Social Medias is Very helpful to many us non participants...
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(9) Posted by Theodoros Giakatis [Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 17:44]

About Sake Turney.
A) Announcement: "Only congress participants can receive bottles.", ok for this. But the non-participants can send their problems aiming only for the awards and no for the bottles of sake?
B) Which programm can someone use to test problems with Total Invisible? I use Popeye 4.79 but I can't find any setting to do this.
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(10) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 02:21]

It is not 100% clear from the announcement, but entries from non-participants most likely will be accepted. Historically, Sake tourneys have been open to everyone.

Like Invisibles, there is no solving program that can test problems with Total Invisibles. You have to rely on your own cooking skills.
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(11) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Monday, Dec 31, 2018 12:55]

The final tourney report is ready. It should appear on the congress website; until then it is available at:
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Internet Tourney, Ohrid 2018