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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Klaus-Peter Zuncke 55 MT
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008 23:50]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [08-07-09]

Klaus-Peter Zuncke 55 MT

To the memoriam of Klaus-Peter Zuncke the German problem association Die Schwalbe announces a memorial tourney in issue 231, June 2008, p.462. Here's my translation of the announcement (hopefully correctly translated).
There's a small mistake in the announcement: The short obituary is in issue 229, February 2008, p.363 (not April 2008). It says, he joined Die Schwalbe in 1977 and composed mainly three- and moremovers. It also cites the following problem by Klaus-Peter Zuncke.
FEN 8/3P2P1/3N4/3k4/4N3/4K3/8/8, #3 (2 solutions), Die Schwalbe 1998, special prize

Memorial tourney to the honor of Klaus-Peter Zuncke (9th March 1954 to 15th November 2007)
As told in issue 229, April 2008, p. 363, Klaus-Peter Zuncke (Erfurt) no longer is alive. To his honor Die Schwalbe announces a memorial tourney.

Zuncke published more than 250 orthodox miniatures since 1976. He was known as an outstanding expert of this subject and internationally renown miniature collector. Problems with symmetric position but asymmetric solution were especially fascinating to him. For that reason, the memorial tourney is announced as a thematic tourney.

Theme: Orthodox three- and moremovers are demanded with symmetric starting position and asymmetric solution. An example is the following prize-crowned problem of the deceased.

(= 4+3 )

Klaus-Peter Zuncke
Freie Presse 7.V.1982, 2nd prize
Mate in 7
1.Bc7 [2.Ra5 3.Ra6+
2.-Qg5 3.Rxg5] Kf6 2.Bd8+ Kg6 3.Rbg5+ Qxg5 4.Rxg5+ Kh6 5.Kf7 6.Rg4 7.Rh4#

The symmetric try 1.Bg7? fails since the black king has too much room on the left side and is able to flee to the a-file. Numerous further examples to the theme are found in the article Symmetrische Studien und Mattaufgaben of Martin Minski. Die Schwalbe, issue 225, June 2007, p. 120-131.

Judge: Martin Minski (Berlin)
At estimation of the judge it is possible that the tourney is, when a great number of originals is sent, split into several parts, for example three- and moremovers or miniatures and problems with more than 7 pieces.

Originals (in any number) must be sent to:
Tourney director: Michael Schlosser, Wielandstraße 7, D-09112 Chemnitz.
Preferrably by e-mail to:
Closing date: March 9, 2009 (55th birthday of the deceased)
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Klaus-Peter Zuncke 55 MT