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MatPlus.Net Forum General PCCC/ICCU politics and finances
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Monday, May 10, 2010 10:18]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [10-05-10]

PCCC/ICCU politics and finances

The birds are flying around and one has pointed me to an article in Uralsky Problemist of May 6th/7th 2010 (mostly translated by Google):

During the FIDE Presidential Board in Sofia (Bulgaria), April 22, 2010 Ex-president PCCC again raised the issue of financing for chess composition.
Neodhodimo recalled that at the suggestion of Vice-President of FIDE A. Selivanov on the development of chess composition for PCCC allocated a budget of 5000 euros in 2008 and 7000 Euro in 2009. However, these funds have been spent almost entirely of ex-president PCCC Uri Avner on their needs.

On the presidential board of Bursa (Turkey), 4 January 2010 it was decided to send the budget amounting to 7000 Euros in 2010 to a special project of FIDE "Chess" for financing the World Cup following the decision of the World Cup for the development, the Olympic competition by the decision and Olympic competition for the compilation. However, the ex-president PCCC again tried to intervene with the distortion of facts. However, the FIDE Presidential Board rejected the proposal Uri Avner and reiterated its position.

The essence of this position: ready to FIDE Congress in Khanty-Mansiysk return to the issue of chess composition and to restore the commission. Up to this point for matters chess composition instructed to answer the vice-president of FIDE A. Selivanov.
For those who are interested in - now seems to familiarize themselves with official documents.
Request Uri Avner in 2008.
Uri Avner The report on expenditures for 2008-2009.
Uri Avner Letter to FIDE Presidential Board. ( In the format word

Original article: (Russian)

I leave that uncommented (financial things are not much my issue) but I hereby complain about the lack of information given by FIDE and PCCC about the ex-presidency of Avner. Most probably he doesn't know about that himself already? Anyone can explain also what this means for PCCC and ICCU and of course running tourneys (like FIDE album 2007-2009)?
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(2) Posted by Alexander Leontyev [Wednesday, May 12, 2010 07:39]; edited by Alexander Leontyev [10-05-12]

Very interesting documents! Whether there is a chance, that the detailed report about an expenditure of the means allocated by FIDE for chess composition in 2010, will be published? Apparently, there is no such chance. Why? At least because the head of the project «Chess composition» is appointed by FIDE, and chesscomposers have no direct relation to this project and to money allocated for it + there is no anywhere a plan of expenditure of these means though 4 months of this year have passed.

Очень интересные документы! Есть ли шанс, что когда-нибудь будет опубликован детальный отчет о расходовании средств, выделенных FIDE на шахкомпозицию в 2010 году? Судя по всему, шансов на это нет. Ведь глава проекта «Шахматная композиция» назначен FIDE, а сами шахкомпозиторы не имеют к этому проекту и к выделяемым на него деньгам непосредственного отношения + нет нигде плана расходования этих средств, хотя прошло уже 4 месяца.
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(3) Posted by [Thursday, May 13, 2010 13:13]

Siegfried Hornecker writes:
> ... but I hereby complain about the lack of information given by FIDE and PCCC about the ex-presidency of Avner.

One possible explanation might be that it the statement is made from a somewhat limited viewpoint
of FIDE. From such point of view, PCCC is no longer a FIDE body, and so the president of that body can no
longer be a FIDE president. So he is an ex-president.

I'm sure there are other possible explanations, though.
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(4) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, May 27, 2010 05:43]

Uri Avner
PCCC/ICCU President

Avner is still president. So FIDE has lied - once again...
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