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MatPlus.Net Forum General Albums are incomprehensive!
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, May 14, 2009 22:46]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [09-05-14]

Albums are incomprehensive!

Example: Composer A and composer B have won some awards but only 9 points or so in (FIDE) Album. What's the point of it if not all compositions are checked but only those sent in by composers? And who would have the time to check all?

Just my 2 cents why Albums are a good idea but badly executed. And this is not the fault of FIDE nor PCCC or anyone else but just the lack of time and resources.

EDIT: Of course, maybe there were all checked and theirs were so bad, so I removed the names
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(2) Posted by Michael McDowell [Thursday, May 14, 2009 23:05]

Some composers don't want their problems to appear in the FIDE Albums while the Albums are linked to what they view as the nonsense of composing titles.
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(3) Posted by Kevin Begley [Friday, May 15, 2009 13:15]; edited by Kevin Begley [09-05-15]

I doubt the primary purpose of the FIDE album was to obtain a "comprehensive" collection of the best problems composed in a given time period. A number of issues must be addressed, if this is the aim:

1) Full participation is a prerequisite of "comprehensive" (modern albums require submissions plus explicit approval from composers),
2) Cooked/Busted problems cannot be eternally retained (problems must be differentiated from any mere accounting for title-points),
3) Methodology is required to handle corrected/improved versions (regardless whether or how title-points are awarded for repairs),
4) Recourse is necessary (for problems which were either not considered, misjudged, had overlooked anticipations, ...),

It's not so easy to assemble such a collection.
Nevermind the potential for constant evolution, just consider the implications of this simple philosophical question:
Is the pursuit here to obtain the BEST versions of the BEST problems (where credit/signature is vritually removed), or must improvements meet some credit-worthy level criteria (some well defined quantum of significance)?
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(4) Posted by Joost de Heer [Friday, May 15, 2009 14:34]


1) Full participation is a prerequisite of "comprehensive" (modern albums require submissions plus explicit approval from composers),

Is that true? I never gave permission to send something to the FIDE album (and I will never send anything myself), yet one of my compositions will appear in the 2001-2003 album (I still don't know which composition it is, although I can make a guess). I don't mind though.
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(5) Posted by Kevin Begley [Friday, May 15, 2009 22:20]

Perhaps "explicit" is something of a stretch...

I believe that anyone may submit a problem of yours to the FIDE album, providing that they have your permission.
Since verification (was permission actually granted?) is impossible, it is easy to imagine worse forms of protest.

Thankfully, deliberate non-participation (a growing epidemic) seems the most severe method currently employed.

I believe permission (from all authors) is required for joint efforts, but anyway, no one author should hold back the rest.

I have no idea who is responsible to submit works done by composers no longer with us.
You would think such an event would trigger automatic entry, but what if nobody learns this sad news until after the album?
Is there really no recourse?
What if automatic entry would have earned them a tittle?
Or, on the contrary, what if automatic entry violates a history of deliberate non-participation?

Frankly, conditions should be placed upon publication in any respected journal -- all composers should be asked to accept that the problem WILL FOREVER be open to republication in a FIDE album. In return, all awarded problems should be automatic submissions to the album (thus, some pressure is placed on judges to complete awards PRIOR to album deadlines!).
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(6) Posted by Frank Richter [Saturday, May 16, 2009 09:43]

"In return, all awarded problems should be automatic submissions to the album"

No. Not every awarded problem has automatically Album standard.
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(7) Posted by Joost de Heer [Saturday, May 16, 2009 15:31]

My non-participation for the album has a simple reason: I do not think that my compositions are good enough, so I won't bother the judges with things that, IMO, shouldn't be in the album in the first place. More people should do this, it'd make the judges work easier, and the albums will appear faster (hopefully).

The composition I was referring to is a joint (or, in case it really is the composition that I think it is: a composition found by 3 people independently). So one of the other 2 composers must've sent it to the FIDE album.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General Albums are incomprehensive!