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MatPlus.Net Forum General Looking for problem where knights lose tempo
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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 20:14]

Looking for problem where knights lose tempo

I look for a problem where knights lose a tempo. I don't remember much of it, only this:
- There were black pawns on h6 and h7. (sure)
- White had two knights. One captured on h6 and the knights changed places. (sure)
- The pawn on h7 then moved to h6 when the diagram position without Ph6 was restored. (sure)
- It was a directmate (relatively sure)
- It was reprinted in an article in a magazine or a book. The article can have been an award. (sure)
- The language of the article was German (relatively sure, else English) and the comment by the article author was that two knights can lose a tempo here. (sure)
- The name of the author was German or German looking. (relatively sure)
- A white piece was on h5, it was not a knight, probably pawn or bishop (relatively sure).
- The problem is not in WinChloé (sure for directmate)

Anyone knows the problem?
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(2) Posted by Kevin Begley [Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 22:25]

Maybe this is what you're looking for...?

A.Lobusov & A.Spirin,
1st Prize E.Zepler memorial, 1985
(= 9+11 )

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(3) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009 23:49]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [09-01-07]

There's the platzwechsel, only knights play and the pawn on h6 is taken. This must be the problem! Many thanks!

EDIT: WCID 52097
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(4) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009 23:59]; edited by Branislav Djurašević [09-01-14]

Two more examples where knights lose tempo by Marjan Kovacevic. In both problem use different mechanism (comparing with Lobusov and Spirin problem) which lead to more pure form of losing tempo using triangulation movement by black king. Double Rundlauf of knights in #11 which got even 11 points in Album FIDE 1983-1985!

Marjan Kovacevic
2nd prize
The Problemist 1983
(= 7+9 )

1.Sf6+! Kc5 2.Sde4+ Kc4 3.Se8 d6! (the most resistance) 4.S8d6 :+ Kd5 5.Sf6+ Kc5 6.Sde4+ Kc4 7.Se8 Kd5 8.S8d6 Ba6 9.Sf6+ Kc5 10.Sd7+ Kd5 11.e4#

Selfmate shows minimal number of moves for this idea. This problem has been lost even for author himself in his documentation and discover again in WinChloe Database.

Metaxa, Fontenay-sous-Bois 1986
Mention d'Honneur
(= 14+3 )

Facts about this problem from WinChloe Database:


1.Cçd6+! Ré5 2.Ca3 Rd4 3.Cdb5+ Ré4 4.Cç4 F×ç6‡

Clouages réciproques
Echange de place (cyclique) de pičces blanches
Echange de place de pičces de męme nature et couleur
Capture d'une pičce clouante par la pičce clouée
Batterie blanche
Mat apparent
Clé ampliative
Clé d'échec
Changement de trait

Reproductions :
XVII p.400, feenschach 80 (oct. 86)

Juge : P. Moutecidis
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