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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Sunday, Aug 31, 2008 15:33]

ZOMG! moves in studies

The problem chess tournament in Hamburg I announced
was sort of false advertising :-) as it featured
exclusively studies, giving me a split headache.
Still, there were some very impressive studies
worth the way.
Where we come to the ZOMG! part. ZOMG!, as you
know, stands for "oh my god". (The Z is purely
decorative :-)
An interesting question arises whether one prefers
ZOMG! or ZOMG!WTF? (the WTF stands...well you
know for what it stands :-)
Here is the difference. A ZOMG!WTF? move is a total
mystery. Like the usual Giegold manouvers where the
meaning of it all is only revealed in the last moves.
Or (since we are at studies) 1.Kg7!! in the Zinar
2P/P study, somewhere here on the board posted by
Siegfried Hornecker. It's not THAT hard to unravel
the mystery with massive consultation of Nalimov
(an unique mutual zugzwang is the secret) but now
compare with this study of Mitrofanov et al which
was the only one I couldn't solve:
Kh7 Bh2 Pa5 Pd6 - Ke3 Rf1, +-
Featuring a ZOMG! in the third move; again Nalimov
saves you the embarassment. :-) Even I with
my problem chess knowledge had not enough imagination
to foresee this, but once you have been told you
immediately slap your head and shout "Of course!"
No explanation needed.

I find a ZOMG! much more humiliating than a ZOMG!WTF?
and thus prefer it - but what are your favorite
ones (either of them) in the study? (Well, it happens
in the game too, cf. Topalovs ...Bh3!! which is, well
halfway inbetween. The idea is clear but you need some
analysis to prove that it's watertight.)

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MatPlus.Net Forum General ZOMG! moves in studies