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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Award, Christmas Tourney 2009, Retro problems
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(1) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 00:39]; edited by Michel Caillaud [10-01-30]

Award, Christmas Tourney 2009, Retro problems

(wrong diagram edition; see next post)
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(2) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 00:51]; edited by Michel Caillaud [10-01-30]

(This award was distributed in printed form to people present at ISC on sunday 24th by Guy SOBRECASES. Thanks to him!)

Neutral judge, Eric PICHOURON transmitted to me 16 entries in anonymous form. 3 were cooked and not corrected in due time (Eric actively participated in checking process. Thanks to him!).

Immun provides rather easy motivation for Schnoebelen promotions (capture is not possible if "original" square is occupied); a good proportion of entries used this.

Here is my award :
1st Prize
(= 7+7 )

Proca-Retractor : White retracts 7 moves (Black 6) then mate in 1

White aims to play -1.b3-b4? & 1.Nb4‡, but at the moment there are flights d6, e6 and c5.

Fore-plan consists in immunizing Pawns d6 and e6, a beautiful idea specifically Immun, and less specifically to block c5.
This manoeuver bringing back immunizing white Pawns on d2 and e2 displays 4 en passant captures concentrated in 6 moves : striking and masterful!
-1.h5×g6 e.p. g7-g5 -2.Kd3×Pé3 f4×é3 e.p.+ -3.é2-é4+ f5-f4+ -4.a5×b6 e.p. b7-b5 -5.Ké3×Pd3 ç4×d3 e.p.+ -6.d2-d4 ç5-ç4+ -7.b3-b4 & 1.Nb4‡
(model) mate makes use of immunization of wNb4 by bNg1

2nd Prize
Nicolas DUPONT
(= 15+12 )

SPG 21.0

1.g3 h5 2.Bh3 h4 3.Bf5 h×g3 4.Nh3 g2 5.Rf1 g1=Q 6.f4 Qb6 7.a4 ç5 8.a5 Qdç7 9.a×b6 a5 10.d3 a4 11.Bé3 a3 12.Nd2 a2 13.Rç1 a1=Q 14.b4 Qf6 15.b×ç7 é5 16.f×é5 g5 17.Rf4 g4 18.Nf1 g3 19.Qd2 g2 20.Kd1 g1=Q 21.B×g1 Qd8
Dupont theme (= 3 promotions to same unit : 1 Schnoebelen +1 "standard" Ceriani-Frolkin + 1 Pronkin) was done in orthodox form with all kind of units (Rook, Bishop, Knight) except Queen of course as Schnoebelen Queen is impossible in orthodox PG. This is the first fairy example, as far as I know. Realization, displaying clockwork mechanism is faultless.

3rd Prize
(= 14+14 )

SPG 9.5 C+
2 variations

1.é4 b5 2.Né2 b4 3.Néç3 b×ç3 4.b4 :
4…Ba6! 5.Bb2 ç×b2 6.Na3 b1=B 7.R×b1 Bb7 8.Rb3 a6 9.B×a6 Fç8 10.Rd3
4…a6 5.Bb2 ç×b2 6.Na3 b1=R 7.B×a6 Rb3! 8.Rb1 Ra7 9.R×b3 Ta8 10.Rd3
Composer succeeds in making Schnoebelen promotion less obvious, thanks to using 2 phases with 2 swithbacks as motivation. The need of a black tempo is the trick that allows differentiation of the phases (and the Schnoebelen Rook becomes an "anti-Schnoebelen" Rook!). Well done.

4th Prize
Nicolas DUPONT
(= 15+14 )

Immun Rex Inclusiv
SPG 20.0

1.a4 é5 2.Ra3 é4 3.Rd3 é3 4.Rd6 ç×d6 5.a5 Qb6 6.a×b6 a5 7.d4 a4 8.Qd2 a3 9.Kd1 a2 10.Qé1 a1=D 11.Kd2 Qa6 12.Kç3 Qd3 13.é×d3 é2 14.Qd2 é1=D 15.Bé2 Kd8 16.Bf3 Qé8 17.Qd1 Kç7 18.Kd2 Kç6 19.Ké1 Kb5 20.Kf1 Qd8
Promotion play including 1 Pronkin is classical with no strong Immun specificity (in orthodox, promotion on a1 should also be a Queen to reach d3 in 2 moves with wKç3 on the way). Most interesting is the complex manoeuver, including round trips by wK and wQ, with Immun effect (Qé1! for Kd2!), so that wK is secure on due time.

1st HM
(= 15+16 )

Immun Rex Inclusiv
SPG 16.0

1.d3 ç6 2.Bé3 Qa5 3.Bb6 Qd2 4.ç3 Na6 5.Qa4 Nç7 6.Qd4 Kd8 7.a4 Né8 8.Ra3 Kç7 9.Rb3 Kd6 10.Bd8 Ngf6 11.Rb6 a×b6 12.g3 Ra5 13.Bg2 Rh5
14.Bd5 Nç7 15.Nf3 Na6 16.0-0 Nb8
A PG without promotion. This is original in this tourney and refreshing for the judge!
bNb8 manoeuver to immunize his King is convincing.

2nd HM
(= 15+14 )

Immun + Isardam
SPG 11.5

1.f4 g6 2.Kf2 Bg7 3.f5 a5 4.f6 Ra6 5.f×g7 Nf6 6.g8=N Rç6 7.Nh6 (Na3?) Rç3 8.Na3 0-0 9.d×ç3 (Ké1?) Kh8 10.Ré1 (Ng8?) Né8 11.Ng8 R×g8 12.Cb1
An exotic and surprising mix of fairy conditions that allows amusing effects. Scheme is near of that of some other "pure" Immun entries. Pointed play with echo switchbacks by wNs on b1-a3 and g8-h6 is satisfying.

Note that this solution is illegal according to Popeye that doesn't allow 3.f5, but legal according to Winchloé; difference between the 2 programs seems to be that Popeye applies observation of one piece by another to reject the move under Isardam criteria, and Winchloé applies abitility to capture the other piece.

3rd HM
(= 15+15 )

SPG 7.0 C+

1.h4 g5 2.h×g5 Bg7 3.g6 Bç3 4.g7 Nf6 5.g8=N Kf8 6.Na3 K×g8 7.Nb1 Bb4
Schnoebelen promotion associated to corresponding switchback : cristal clear. An example for anthologies.
Same composer (?) made the swithback into a round trip by using additionnal condition (Lortap), but that is not a motivation to accumulate fairy conditions that I agree with...

1st Com
(= 15+14 )

Immun Rex Inclusiv
SPG 12.0 C+

1.b4 a5 2.b5 Ra6 3.b×a6 b5 4.a4 b4 5.Ba3 b3 6.Bç5 b2 7.Na3 b1=R 8.Q×b1 h5 9.Qb7 Rh6 10.0-0-0 Rb6 11.Ré1 Rb1 12.Kb2 R×é1
Comparing with other Schnoebelen entries :
Plus : "Schnoebeling" pawn makes no capture and its original square is occupied par ennemy unit in diagram position.
Minus : no special strategy (switchback...) is activated to motivate it.
Composer completed the game to include a "mysterous" intrusion of bR in white side (with almost invisible Anti-Pronkin), but that doesn't give an homogeneous result.

2nd Com
(= 15+15 )

Immun Rex Inclusiv
SPG 7.0 C+
b) Ng3 to f3

a) 1.é4 d6 2.é5 Bg4 3.é6 Qd7 4.é×d7 Nf6 5.d8=N Nbd7 6.Né2 K×d8 7.Ng3 Né8 8.Qé2 Ndf6
b) 1.é4 d6 2.é5 Bg4 3.é6 Qd7 4.é×d7 Nf6 5.d8=Q Nbd7 6.Qf3! K×d8 7.Qé2 Né8 8.Nf3 Ndf6
2 Schnoebelen in 2 phases rather pleasingly shown.
Compared with 3rd Prize : no switchbacks, tempo in only 1 phase, no differentiation in black play…

3rd Com
(= 15+14 )

Immun + Alphabetic Chess
SPG 34.0 C+(!)

1.a3 a5 2.Ra2 a4 3.Ra1 Ra5 4.Ra2 Rh5 5.Ra1 b5 6.Ra2 b4 7.Ra1 b3 8.Ra2 Nç6 9.Ra1 Né5 10.Ra2 ç5 11.Ra1 ç4 12.Ra2 ç3 13.Ra1 Bb7 14.Ra2 Bf3 15.Ra1 d5 16.Ra2 d4 17.Ra1 d3 18.Ra2 Qd4 19.Ra1 Qh4 20.Ra2 Ng6 21.Ra1 é5 22.Ra2 é4 23.Ra1 é3 24.Ra2 Ké7 25.Ra1 Kf6 26.Ra2 Bg4 27.Ra1 Kg5 28.Ra2 f5 29.Ra1 f4 30.Ra2 f3 31.Ra1 B×a3 32.R×a3 Bh3 33.R×a4 Kh6 34.Ra1 Nf8
Additional condition allows a respectable length (not far from being a record for a C+ SPG tested by Popeye!) but also makes things easy. Game flow is nice but the trick of oscillating wRa1 is known (MC, 3rd Prize, D. Innocenti-44, 2002) and Immun condition easily helps progression of the play by blocking black Pawns.
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(3) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Saturday, Feb 6, 2010 18:53]

1st HM was cooked by Ion MURARASU :
2…Qç7 3.Bb6 Kd8 4.ç3 Nf6 5.Qa4 Né8 6.Qd4 Qf4 7.a4 Kç7 8.Ra3 Kd6 9.Rb3 Qç1 10.Bd8 Qd2 11.Rb6 a×b6 12.g3 Ra5 13.Bg2 Rg5 14.Bd5 Rh5
15.Nf3 Nf6 16.0-0
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(4) Posted by Paul Raican [Sunday, Feb 7, 2010 17:44]

The correction was sent by e-mail:
De : Paul R
À :
Envoyé le : Mar 19 Janvier 2010, 18 h 34 min 17 s
Objet : Re : Re : dernier probleme
Salut Eric,
Un petit retouche: dans ma deuxieme pj, remplacez 10....Ngf6 avec 10...Nh6!
Donc la partie est maintenant:
1.d3 c6 2. Be3 Qa5 3. Bb6 Qd2 4.c3 Na6 5.Qa4 Nc7 6.Qd4 Kd8 7.a4 Ne8 8.Ra3 Kc7 9.Rb3 Kd6 10.Bd8 Nh6
11.Rb6 ab6 12.g3 Ra5 13.Bg2 Rh5 14.Bd5 Nc7 15.Nf3 Na6 16.0-0 Nb8. Circuit of Nb8.
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(5) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Sunday, Feb 7, 2010 23:42]

I didn't got this version (...).
Anyway, the method for cooking still works : 13.Bg2 Rh5 14.Bd5 Nf6 15.Nf3 Ng8 16.0-0 Nh6
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(6) Posted by Michel Caillaud [Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010 07:14]; edited by Michel Caillaud [10-04-14]

2nd and 3rd HM become respectively 1st and 2nd HM as initially awarded 1st HM is cooked
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Award, Christmas Tourney 2009, Retro problems