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(181) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Monday, Oct 14, 2019 21:42]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [19-10-14]

Very sad. He was active even a few months ago. I published this interesting miniature of his (his last original?) in the May 2019 Problemist. The same issue also contains a nicely compiled short collection of his problems showing his versatality.

(= 5+2 )


Easy to solve with piquant change of promotion.
(Read Only)pid=18047
(182) Posted by Joost de Heer [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 20:40]; edited by Joost de Heer [19-10-15]

Why not -Ph5, -Ph6, Pg6->h6?
(Read Only)pid=18061
(183) Posted by Frank Richter [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 21:35]

Surely he didn't like the same moves g5-g4-g3 ... in both phases.
(Read Only)pid=18062
(184) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019 12:25]

I would probably go for bPh2 (without the white h pawns) and ser-h#/=3. Pushing the pawn feels more like noise, even in the case of an Excelsior.
(Read Only)pid=18067
(185) Posted by Branislav Djurašević [Thursday, Oct 17, 2019 12:44]; edited by Branislav Djurašević [19-10-17]

Or letzform both in condition ser h#(=)2 and in economy Wenigstener (2+2). But in series problems it is better to be more moves, so maybe GM György Bakcsi had this in the mind.

(= 2+2 )

a.) ser h#2
b.) ser h=2

a.) 1.d2-d1=R 2.Rd1-g1 Qf5-h3 #
b.) 1.d2-d1=S 2.Sd1-f2 Qf5*f2 =
(Read Only)pid=18076
(186) Posted by Frank Richter [Friday, Oct 18, 2019 13:25]

Well, but where is promotion to Q here?
(Read Only)pid=18079
(187) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Friday, Oct 18, 2019 18:23]; edited by seetharaman kalyan [19-10-23]

this is a different scheme/problem.
(Read Only)pid=18080
(188) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Friday, Oct 25, 2019 13:19]

Here is a short tribute in Chessbase-India Nicely written by our Indian friend and author Satanick Mukhuty.
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(189) Posted by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen [Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 08:02]; edited by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen [19-11-27]

Danish composer Holger Helledie died earlier this week.

I want to share with you a problem of his that he showed me some years back when I was entering the world of chess problems.

(= 5+8 )

Prize, British Chess Magazine 1974

I will leave the solving to you :-)

(Read Only)pid=18375
(190) Posted by Arno Tungler [Thursday, Nov 28, 2019 11:10]

Yes, subtle motivations for all four AUW promotions, especially the key and the rook-promotion. Also, no capture what is rare for such promotion tasks!
(Read Only)pid=18381
(191) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Thursday, Nov 28, 2019 20:51]

The bishop at c5 saves a unit.
(Read Only)pid=18383
(192) Posted by Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen [Friday, Nov 29, 2019 07:56]

Thanks! I guess the bishop is even better on c5, because it is less obvious that the mate is on the long diagonal.
(Read Only)pid=18385
(193) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Friday, Nov 29, 2019 12:39]

Yes. BC5 seems so obvious. I thought there was a cook and that is why composer did not use!
(Read Only)pid=18387
(194) Posted by Olaf Jenkner [Friday, Nov 29, 2019 13:29]

Maybe it was too dangerous for him without help of computers.
(Read Only)pid=18388
(195) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Friday, Nov 29, 2019 17:43]

yes. guarding two squares in the diagram would seem risky !
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