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MatPlus.Net Forum General The Belén: from Loyd to Hoffmann
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(1) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Monday, Sep 30, 2019 11:03]; edited by Zalmen Kornin [19-10-03]

The Belén: from Loyd to Hoffmann

First to the absolutely breaking news:

Peter Hoffmann
"Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen"
(= 14+9 )

A wonderfull surprise! PH presented today a brand new Valladao-Belen, its already published in Erik Zierke's online book in PDF on Hoffmann's works:

page 181, with full solution and comments. In page 180 are also presented, and commented, the known examples of Valladao-Belen (Just two so far, one of them evolved online recently here in MP):

After a promotion to Queen, and a promotion to Knight, now we have a promotion to Rook.

****** Peter, thanks for Your interest in the Valladão-Belén!! :)
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(2) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: J. Malcom) [Monday, Sep 30, 2019 14:24]; edited by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: J. Malcom) [19-09-30]

Go Hoffman! Now all we need is a bishop promtion! I honestly don’t mind if anyone uses my bishop promotion scheme from the other thread and throws in an en passant-it is free to use after all.

Also, who tipped off Hoffman about the Belen thread?

And having my problem published, especially by Hoffman if all people......:-D

I like that C+ that’s there.
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(3) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: J. Malcom) [Monday, Sep 30, 2019 20:18]; edited by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: J. Malcom) [19-10-01]

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(4) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019 01:06]

Rewan, Personal Message inbox for You
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(5) Posted by Rewan Demontay (Real Name: J. Malcom) [Thursday, Oct 3, 2019 23:37]

ZK, when you mention a Loyd with the Belen, I assume that you refer to the below #5 in which

1. Qxa3+ Kc2 2. Qxb3+ Rxb3 3. Ne3+ fxe3 4. Bxd3+ Kxd3 5. 0-0-0#

is a one of the main sidelines?

YACPBD:" target=_blank>

Loyd, Samuel
The New York Clipper (E50) 1857-03-28
WTM, #5

(= 7+10 )

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(6) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Friday, Oct 4, 2019 04:28]; edited by Zalmen Kornin [19-10-04]

Yes, Rewan ... Exactly this 'forgotten Loyd'. The Belén is clearly the solution, and 2.Ra2 + a dual with quite trivial play. It is not, for example, in A. C. White's "Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems". Loyd adapted the scheme to illustrate a Fiske story (see the 1858 fourmover "The Arena"). There, the black King goes from c1 to e3, and the point is a new motivation for Castles (and not Rd1): unpin the other Rook from the first horizontal).
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(7) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019 13:07]; edited by Zalmen Kornin [19-10-14]

In his excellent # 5, Peter Hoffmann introduces important novelties in the VB field: The promotion move act in three different levels of significance (control of b3, of b5 avoiding to affect d3, and - not least- create a threat of mate in two in e4, allowing a consistent en passant part in real play) : 2.b8 = R is the most impressive single movement in the whole VB's history!

He refers to the Belén as a "motif". In the old Rebnora forum discussions Frank Richter alluded to an "ornamental effect". For Erik Zierke, the Belén condition arrive to become an obstacle ('Hindernis') for the more satisfactory expression in the Valladão field (in the same book we find others of Peter Hoffmann's creations in this field).

**** Yesterday a new Valladao-Belen was published, the first novelty in one week. We're offering a surprise gift (for everyone, including non smokers) for the best comment here on this other thread.

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(8) Posted by Zalmen Kornin [Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 14:06]

*breaking news again*

On the 13th (Sunday) another Valladao-Belen appeared online, Peter Hoffmann presents the following (which I already can remark, introduces at least one important novelty regarding all other V-Bs published so far...) Later I'll be back. For the while, solution already published in Zierke's online book, page 182 - and, returning to page 181, our's too (JM's & mine) with solution and comments!

Peter Hoffmann
"Der Reiz des Ungewöhnlichen"
(= 13+9 )

Now we have two, very different, Valladao-Belen with promotion to Bishop. ******* Thanks again, Peter!
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MatPlus.Net Forum General The Belén: from Loyd to Hoffmann