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(1) Posted by Eugene Rosner [Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 14:42]

WCCI to FIDE Album

a quick question...will the judges who are now judging the current wcci 13-15, that will shortly thereafter judge their comparable sections in FIDE Album 13-15, automatically forward their scores, or will problems that are sent to both competitions be reevaluated for the 2nd competition?
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(2) Posted by Kostas Prentos [Sunday, Mar 6, 2016 18:42]

Those problems that get 8 points or higher in the WCCI will automatically be selected for the FIDE album. The FIDE album judges will not judge the same problems again. However, the composers must send these problems to the FIDE album again, in order for them to be selected.

For the problems that do not get 8 points, the FIDE album judges will judge them again, as if they were never submitted to the WCCI. If some of the judges are the same in both, they may (or may not) keep the same scores for the same problems. From my experience, being one of the WCCI and FIDE album judges for 2007-2009, I kept the same points for almost all of the entries that were common, except for 1, if I remember well. [Although, the automatic selection did not start until the following period 2010-2012]
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions WCCI to FIDE Album