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MatPlus.Net Forum General FIDE Album Points - Cumulative List?
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(1) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Thursday, Dec 28, 2006 13:01]; edited by Miodrag Mladenović [06-12-28]

FIDE Album Points - Cumulative List?

Does anyone know if there is cumulative list of composers and their Fide Album points (Excel, MS Word, PDF or some other format)? I know that there is a list of problemists with more then 70 points but I'd like to see full list and I hate to go through all albums to calculate points on my own. I am assuming that this list does exist since somebody needs to make decision to approve/disapprove composing titles. I am thinking that it will be nice to publish this list somewhere officially like rating for solvers.

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(2) Posted by Milan Velimirović (+) [Thursday, Dec 28, 2006 13:29]

Hannu Harkola certainly has the complete list(s). He used to print them updated periodically, but I don't have a fresh information since I have not taken part in PCCC Congresses since 2002.

So Misha, contact Hannu! I am sure that you already know that you can find his email address on PCCC site.
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(3) Posted by Hannu Harkola [Friday, Dec 29, 2006 19:49]

The latest published list contains the Albums 1914-1991. Just now I am waiting for the final index of the Album 1998-2000 and then I'll compile a new list.

The list was published in "Problem Chess Lists" (3rd edition 1998). Now I am preparing a new publication (perhaps as a PDF file) with more material (rules, lists of titles, PCCC matters, competition results etc.).

Hannu Harkola
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(4) Posted by Frank Richter [Friday, Dec 29, 2006 21:55]

You may ask Franz Pachl. As far as I know, he maintains such an Excel file including all Album points.
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MatPlus.Net Forum General FIDE Album Points - Cumulative List?