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(1) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019 23:49]

King All-Rounders

Just for fun: Problems where a king (be it black or white)
moves to each of his 8 neighbor fields (can be variants,
can be tries) on the same move. Offhand I recall a 2# with
an amazon and black K8-flight and a 2# with the wK running
into one pin after another (but not the exact positions,
and I'm not sure if it really were 8 in the second problem).
It's NOT #213 in the "Morse", which also qualifies.

Any additions (and those positions)?
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(2) Posted by Petko Petkov [Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 14:36]

The theme "Eight Royal flights" is already realized!
I can inform you that I have three my original #2 problems in which, in defense against a threat, the black king plays on 8 free squares in one phase! Such a paradoxical possibility exists by the application of the new fairy condition "Pepo". This condition has already been programmed in the new version 3,44 of WinChloe`. Coming soon the March-April (III-IV/2019) of the German magazine Feenschach, where is published my article "PEPO CHESS - AN INTERESTING NEW FAIRY CONDITION". The three #2 task-problems on theme " Eight royal flights" are published under No 21,22,24.
Best wishes,
Petko Petkov
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(3) Posted by Juraj Lörinc [Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019 21:10]

Jean-Pierre Boyer
3rd Prize 146th TT Die Schwalbe 1970
(= 8+9 )

7 tries + solution by checked king.
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(4) Posted by Geoff Foster [Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 02:19]

A royal battery with 8 mates occurs quite naturally with the fairy condition Superpins (also known as Metamorphose or Hypnose). In Superpins a pinned piece can't capture the opposing king.

Colin Sydenham
2 Prize, The Problemist 1983 (v)
(= 11+10 )
#2 Superpins

1.Sb5! (>2.Qxd6)
1...Rxf5+ 2.Kxf5
1...Rf2+ 2.Kg3
1...Rxg4+ 2.Kxg4
1...Se2+,Sh3+ 2.Kf3
1...Bxg5+ 2.Kxg5
1...Qxe5 2.Kxe5
1...Se6+,Sd3+ 2.Ke4
1...dxe3 2.Kxe3
(1...Kf6 2.Sfxd6
1...Qe6 2.Qg7)
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(5) Posted by Geoff Foster [Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 04:57]

Here is an orthodox example with give-and-take keys.

Mikael Gronroos
Suomen Tehtavaniekat 1999
(= 14+6 )

1.Se5? (-)
1...Kxc7 2.b8=Q
1...Kxe5 2.Qh2
1...Kc5 2.Bxb4
1...Kxe7 2.f8=Q

1.Sa6! (-)
1...Kxc6 2.Rd3
1...Ke6 2.Rd4
1...Kd5 2.Rf6
1...Kd7 2.Rg6
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(6) Posted by shankar ram [Friday, Apr 26, 2019 04:56]

There are miniature 3 and more movers from the early part of the last century where the BK has 8 flights, though I don't think any of them had 8 distinct W continuations.
I did a fairy #2 which shows a 8-fold Lacny with a WK-battery using twinning between orthodox and fairy boards. As also a #2 with 8 tries by the WK with 8 distinct B refutations.
In the 3D-space,there is a #2(by TRD or H-P.Rehm?) with 8 BK flights on the horizontal plane, with 8 distinct mates by the WQ - it just moves to the square/cell immediately above the BK!
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(7) Posted by Hauke Reddmann [Friday, Apr 26, 2019 10:12]

(= 3+7 )

(grasshopper d1, nightriders a1,a4, royal nighthopper b5)
Composed it yesterday (too much time after I mopped
the floor with my opponent :-) but didn't check it.
Feel free to correct if necessary.
1.h8N? Kxh8!
1.Kxg6/f6/xe6/g7/e7/f8/e8? Ne2/Ng4/Nc2/Ne3/Nc3/Nxb6/Nb2 +!
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(8) Posted by Petko Petkov [Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 02:07]

As a small joke

Nearly half a century ago (in 1970) I published in the "Kenst Du Die Bibel" (an edition of the celebrated German maestro Albert Kniest) a small #2 (it is rather like a joke!) in which the white King plays (in tries and solution) on all adjacent fields. But the theme "The maximum activeness of the White King" has never been my priority...
Petko A.Petkov
“Kennst du die Bibel?”-1970
(= 3+3 )

#2 (3+3)
Grasshoppers: a6,h8

1.Kb8? (zz) - 1…Ga8!; Kc8? Gb8!; 1.Kd8? Ghc8!; 1.Kb6? Gc6! ; 1.Kc6? Gd6!; 1.Kd6? Ge6!; 1.Kb7? Gac8!; 1.Kd7! (zz) - 1…Gh4 2.R4g5#, 1…Gh6 2.R6g5#. Echo,black blocks and model mates.Duel w.K/black Gs.
Petko Petkov
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(9) Posted by Miodrag Mladenović [Saturday, Apr 27, 2019 06:50]; edited by Miodrag Mladenović [19-04-27]

My favorite:

Milan Velimirovic
2nd Place
1st WCCT 1972-75
(= 16+5 )


1...Kc6 2.Gad5#
1...Kd6 2.Gdd5#
1...Kxe6 2.Gd5#
1...Ke5 2.Ggd5#
1...Ke4 2.G3d5#
1...Kd4 2.Gdd5#
1...Kc4 2.Gbd5#
1...Kc5 2.Gad5#
1...Gxf7 2.Ge5#

Amazing problem!
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(10) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Sunday, Apr 28, 2019 15:37]

Hans-Peter Rehm
Probleemblad 1966
3rd commended
(= 13+7 )

= Grasshoper
= Nightrider

1.Qf1+! K~ 2.Gd6‡
with a 5 flight giving key
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