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(1) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Sunday, Nov 18, 2007 04:55]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [07-11-18]


How long until 8x8 chess is completely in tablebases? Is it too optimistic to say, it will be in the lifespan of our planet (that will die in 7.59 billion years as scientists found out)?

When do you think that castling will be implemented? For practical reasons it should be at no more than eight pieces (which occured once).

PS: Until then, you can find the ultimate tablebase at
(PPS: dear arabic / israeli people, please look "wrong" way, e.g. start at left top, not right top)
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(2) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Sunday, Nov 18, 2007 08:58]

this adress seems not to work
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(3) Posted by Frank Richter [Sunday, Nov 18, 2007 10:12]

It works. 42 ist the ultimate answer.
Please refer to Douglas Adams (
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(4) Posted by Roberto Stelling [Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007 18:59]

Geez, what a question!
Any dolphin or mice would know the answer by heart!
So long and thanks for all the fish! :o)
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(5) Posted by Joose Norri [Thursday, Nov 22, 2007 12:58]

Siegfried, if we are to believe the people who now have generated a complete tablebase for checkers, your hope is indeed 'slightly' optimistic. Check and the links there and calculate, if you're interested. I just did...

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(6) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Thursday, Nov 22, 2007 13:15]

Wasn't there some formula like "every two years the speed of computers doubles" etc?
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(7) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Thursday, Nov 22, 2007 18:05]; edited by Jacques Rotenberg [07-11-22]

Well to go back to our field.

It seems that some teams began to work on tablebases for 7 men.

someone knows something about that ?
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(8) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Feb 16, 2008 06:56]

Jacques, I'll ask an expert when I make an interview with him (should be soon but takes longer than I thought).

Anyone has a fast internet connection? I'd like to be able to get around 1.2 Terabyte data soon (maybe even in 2008 or 2009). Or maybe I should buy those HDs with preentered tablebases.
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(9) Posted by Arpad Rusz [Saturday, Feb 16, 2008 11:45]; edited by Arpad Rusz [08-02-16]

The following links are very useful if you want to download tablebases (up to six men)or if you want informations about the 7-men tablebases: (download with eMule) (EGTB forum) (file with the first 7-men results)

You don't need very fast internet connection to download the most important tablebases(like RPP/R, RP/RP, PP/PP,QP/QP, QPP/Q,...)in a few weeks.
You don't need to download all of the 1.2TB's of data. Endgames tablebases like QQQ/N or BBB/B aren't very useful.
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(10) Posted by Siegfried Hornecker [Saturday, Feb 16, 2008 13:44]; edited by Siegfried Hornecker [08-02-16]

I think, BBB/B is very useful. At least for a general examination if BB+b/B and BB+b/b are won (B and b being bishops on opposite colors). Ok, I would download it only because it can't be big. Else, 6 men online TB would be enough.
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