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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Gligor Denkovski Memorial Tourney
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(1) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Saturday, Aug 20, 2016 17:12]

Gligor Denkovski Memorial Tourney

To commemorate the 70th birthday of Gligor Denkovski (20 August 1946 - 15 January 2015), a formal composing tourney is announced in three sections.

Section A: Orthodox proof games, showing a combination of at least one typical retro theme and at least one theme or motif traditionally seen in other problem genres. See examples. Judge: Kostas Prentos

Section B: Orthodox helpmate threemovers (h#2.5-3) with free theme. Judge: Nikola Predrag

Section C: Orthodox selfmates (s#2-n) with free theme. Judge: Miodrag Mladenović

Closing date for all sections is 31 March 2017. Entries should be sent to Ivan Denkovski, email:

The awards will be published in a special publication, which will be sent to all participants. Prizes (books) are provided for the best entries.

Examples for section A:

Gligor Denkovski & Ivan Denkovski
4th H.M. Die Schwalbe 2009
(= 15+16 )

PG 25.5

1.e4 Sf6 2.Qh5 Rg8 3.Qh6 gxh6 4.a4 Rg3 5.Ra2 Ra3 6.g4 Bg7 7.g5 Sg4 8.g6 Bc3 9.g7 Ba5 10.b4 d6 11.Bb2 Be6 12.g8Q+ Kd7 13.Bh8 Bb3 14.Qg7 Ke6 15.Qa1 Sd7 16.Sc3 Sdf6 17.Bc4+ Ke5 18.Bd5 Kf4 19.Sge2+ Kf3 20.0-0 Qg8 21.Rb1 Qg5 22.Rbb2 Rg8 23.Qd1 Rg6 24.Sb1 Sg8 25.Bc3 Rf6 26.Kh1

The Pronkin theme (a promoted piece moves to the initial game-array square of a captured piece of same type and colour) is a typical retro theme. In order that the promoted wQ finds a way to d1, Loyd's line clearance (13.Bb2-h8!) is performed.

Ivan Denkovski & Gligor Denkovski
Sp. H.M. Champagne Tourney, Portorož 2002
(= 13+12 )

PG 20.0

1.h4 d5 2.Rh3 d4 3.Re3 dxe3 4.Sc3 Qd3 5.exd3 Bh3 6.Qf3 e2 7.g4 exf1R+ 8.Ke2 Rxc1 9.Qg3 Rf1 10.Re1 h5 11.Kd1 Rh6 12.Kc1 Re6 13.Kb1 Re2 14.Ka1 e6 15.Rb1 Bc5 16.Sd1 Be3 17.fxe3 Rf5 18.gxf5 g5 19.fxe6 Bf5 20.Qe1 g4

Orthogonal-diagonal correspondence between the play on the orthogonal line a1-e1 and the play on the diagonal line c8-h3. The cyclic exchange of places between pieces (wR, wN, wQ and wK on their home squares) is another traditional problem motif. The Ceriani-Frolkin theme (a promoted piece is captured) is a typical retro theme.
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(2) Posted by Ivan Denkovski [Sunday, Mar 5, 2017 16:58]

Less than a month left for submissions.

I would like to use this brief reminder to present one more example for section A:

Satoshi Hashimoto
3rd H.M. Problemesis 2005
(= 13+14 )

PG 16.5

1.d4 h5 2.d5 h4 3.Qd4 h3 4.Qf6 exf6 5.a4 Bd6 6.Ra3 Bg3 7.hxg3 h2 8.Rd3 hxg1S 9.Rh7 Ke7 10.d6+ Ke6 11.Bh6 Kf5 12.e4+ Kg4 13.Be2+ Sf3+ 14.gxf3+ Kh3 15.Bc1+ Kg2 16.Rh1 cxd6 17.Bf1+

The Indian manoeuvre, together with switchbacks of both thematic pieces, and the Ceriani-Frolkin theme.
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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Gligor Denkovski Memorial Tourney