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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Venelin Alaikov MT - 2013
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(1) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Sunday, Mar 4, 2012 16:50]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [12-03-05]

Venelin Alaikov MT - 2013 announces memorial tourney on the occasion of GM Venelin Alaikov's 80th anniversary (born on 18.02.1933) in the following sections:

- Section A: S#3-7 without any fairy pieces or conditions. Theme free.
Judge: Diyan Kostadinov

- Section B: H#2-3 or HS#2-3 with fairy piece Andernach Grasshopper (AG). White, black, neutral AG are allowed, but other fairy pieces or conditions are not accepted.
Judge: Krassimir Gandev

Andernach Grasshopper - Like a normal Grasshopper (moves along Queen-lines over another unit of either colour to the square immediately beyond that unit) but it changes colour of the piece it jumps over (except the Kings and the neutral pieces).

Send your entries to:
Closing date: 18.01.2013

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(2) Posted by seetharaman kalyan [Sunday, Mar 4, 2012 20:41]

Andernach Grasshopper: Interesting invention. Did not come across it previously.
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(3) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Sunday, Mar 4, 2012 22:40]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [12-03-04]

Andernach Grasshopper is not new, but very interesting fairy piece. It is also included in Popeye, so the problems can be computer tested. You can see one Gandev's example on the following link:
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(4) Posted by Jacques Rotenberg [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 07:38]

What happens when an Andernach Grasshopper jumps over a King ?
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(5) Posted by Nikola Predrag [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 13:11]

What about Andernach Rook/Bishop-hoppers?
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(6) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 14:40]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [12-03-06]

If AG jumps over King - the King do not change his colour. Also - AG do not change the colours of the neutral pieces if jumps over them (but in this tourney the neutral pieces are not allowed, only neutral AG can be use). I has included it into the definition above (thanks Predrag).
About Andernach Rook-hopper and Bishop-hopper: we not include them because they are still not testable with Popeye.
I think that many interesting ideas are possible with Andernach Grasshopper. BTW - can someone tell us who is inventor of it and when?
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(7) Posted by Joost de Heer [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 15:23]; edited by Joost de Heer [12-03-05]

Andernach rookhopper/bishopper are testable with Popeye: use the 'hurdlecolourchanging' property:

To place an Andernach rookhopper on a1:
pie whi hur rha1

Theoretical question: What happens if an Andernach grasshopper jumps over a halfneutral piece?
- The piece changes colour, but only if it's in the white/black phase
- The piece changes its state as if it had moved
- Nothing happens
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(8) Posted by Kevin Begley [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 21:08]; edited by Kevin Begley [12-03-05]


>"What happens if an Andernach grasshopper jumps over a halfneutral piece?"

I would expect the hurdle to change, of course.
Think of it like a hurdling practical joke, with a paint brush -- whatever was white, the trickster paints black, and vice versa.
If a half-neutral is hurdled when in a neutral state, the paint job does not alter its neutrality (a w/b neutral = a b/w neutral).

I always considered this something of an unsettling down-side for the andernach-hopper -- the "painted neutral" should be changed.

For completeness, this seems begging for a second color of neutral.
A "standard (b/w) neutral" -- the normal state of neutral -- is both a friend and a traitor for each side, but it is also a traitor to fellow neutrals.
On the other hand, a "painted (w/b) neutral" might be distinguished by its strict refusal to capture fellow neutrals (thus, it gives no check to a neutral King).

Obviously, solving such problems *might* be difficult on the eyes (and the mind).
However, that's what you should expect when you paint a neutral unit.

ps: it might be easier on the eyes to render the "painted neutral" with a horizontal division (between black and white) -- rather than the vertical division, which is used for standard neutrals.
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(9) Posted by Diyan Kostadinov [Monday, Mar 5, 2012 23:19]; edited by Diyan Kostadinov [12-03-05]

Thank you Joost and Kevin for your messages which provoke us to thinking about interesting questions and possibilities. BTW the inventor of half-neutral pieces is GM Petko Petkov. It is interesting to known what he think about it.
P.S. Using the 'hurdlecolourchanging' property Popeye is able to check also Andernach Moose, Eagle etc. For example to place an Andernach Eagle on c2:
pie whi hur eac2
Krassimir Gandev preparing article for Andernach pieces such as Kangaroo, Bob etc. which will be published in probably next month.
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(10) Posted by Kevin Begley [Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012 04:58]; edited by Kevin Begley [12-03-06]

My suggestion would not only apply to semi-neutral units -- I'm saying even the standard neutrals should change their shade, when an andernach hopper flies over.
As for half-neutrals, they should be thought of as simply a separation of color states (just as chameleons are a separation of mobility states).
But, I do agree that it would be wise (as always) to hear Petko's views.

I believe I pitched this idea (some years ago) to Ben Good (the inventor of the Andernach Hopper)...
If memory serves, Ben's aim was (understandably) to first introduce his fairy hoppers, and not be immediately involved in these intricate details.

After giving it some more thought...
I'm not exactly fond of the name, "painted neutral."
This is, after all, a color/colour specification -- probably better just to call it gray/grey.

Using solid colors would seem easiest on the eyes, and this way, nobody needs to manufacture a new set of pieces (just paint the ones you have).
Finally, though quite the skeptic, I find the underlying UFO reference to be a definite bonus.

I think greys, even on their own (without andernach hoppers flying over them), have good merits.
This concludes my sales pitch... here's a better definition... then, prepare to be probed. :)

Gray unit -
Same as a neutral unit (either player can move them, either player may capture them with units of their own color), but can not capture (and does not give check to) another gray unit.

This does raise another question...
Can grays capture neutrals? I say yay, all but grey they may betray; but, other shades are sure to have their day.

ps: it's more interesting that you could fly a rex-inclusiv-andernach-hopper over a neutral King (changing it to a gray King), and if the neutral King was in check from a gray, the gray King is now out of check!
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