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MatPlus.Net Forum General 1st Solving FIDE Youth Championship (1-3.02.2016, Moscow)
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(21) Posted by David [Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016 19:44]

I like the Russian proverbs also. :) For example:
He is talkative but light-fingered (Речист, да на руку нечист) :)
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(22) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016 19:47]

David,you have already made useful?
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(23) Posted by Petko Petkov [Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016 20:23]

FIDE has no right to seize the functions of our WFCC! Every World composition`s compettition (for composers, solvers, etc) should be announced by our WFCC and stipulated by the WFCC - after discussion and decision of the Congress of WFCC! Naturally, after this procedure FIDE - through its project can provide financial and other assistance to WFCC. Such support would bе always multiply desirable and necessary to our WFCC!In this regard so far there are many positive examples for FIDE
help and good intentions!
But I think that in order to maintain the authority and importance of WFCC, the first step should be discussions and solution of the WFCC - congress about the organizational and all other problems of the future championship.Of course, any good and useful idea of the " Special Project for Chess composition of FIDE" deserves attention and gratitude, but but I repeat - the first step should be - discussions and decision of WFCC!
In the particular case with the Moscow championship I can not understand whether such a procedure has been followed, at least in part! I'm interested in this issue.
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(24) Posted by Darko Šaljić [Wednesday, Feb 3, 2016 20:47]; edited by Darko Šaljić [16-02-03]

But you can organize 1.wfcc youth champ. Why fide is not aloud and why are you interested? You are 11 years old?
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(25) Posted by Oleg Efrosinin [Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 09:33]; edited by Oleg Efrosinin [16-02-04]

Young chess players of 8 countries participated in 1-st championship of the world under the decision of chess compositions: Armenia, Belarus, Kirghizia, Russia, Tajikistan, Morocco, Mongolia, Ukraine. In group U19 there were young chess players from three continents: Asia, Africa, Europe. This requirement FIDE, that on championships of the world chess players not less than three continents should be presented - is executed.
I several years ago addressed in WFCC with the offer to spend such competitions. In the answer dear congressmen have kept silent.
Therefore it is unpleasant to read some comments. Instead of what to be glad to the big step in popularization of a youth composition - start to think out lacks.
Andrey Selivanov FOR THE FIRST TIME has organized the international youthful competition under the full program: two days of the championship, open, solving and quick show, the master-class of grand master A.Azhusin. When and where such was? Now, when FIDE it was convinced of popularity of a children's chess composition - in plans carrying out 2st Solving FIDE Youth Championship together with game tournaments.
Also I wish to inform, that today in Russia national youth championship collects up to 100 young solvers. In this year IV competition will take place in Sochi in parallel with the championship on a chess.
And look, how many young solvers from Russia 12-th participated ISC. 10 regions of the country have been presented.
I wish to call colleagues - develop a children's chess composition in the countries! Also let's on concern friendly to each other. Envy - bad feeling!
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(26) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 09:51]

Thank you,Oleg, for your help and support! The second championship will be even better. Together we can!
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(27) Posted by Oleg Efrosinin [Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 18:15]

Please look
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(28) Posted by Andrey Zhuravlev [Friday, Feb 5, 2016 09:08]

Dear friends, I would like to thank Andrey Selivanov for this wonderful event. Very liked this idea - to attract young chessplayers from all over the world. I think Moscow Open with its competitions for youngsters is brilliant find.
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(29) Posted by Andrey Selivanov [Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 15:22]
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MatPlus.Net Forum General 1st Solving FIDE Youth Championship (1-3.02.2016, Moscow)