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(1) Posted by Administrator [Friday, Mar 8, 2019 16:56]

BIT 2019

Belgrade Internet Tourney 2019
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(2) Posted by Eric Huber [Sunday, Mar 10, 2019 23:09]

Question about Group C – Protean Chess HS#3

The announcement says:
"Computer testing: Programs Popeye (condition ProteanChess) or WinChloe (condition Francfort). Please indicate which program you have used (and what version of it, if possible)"

Problem: there is a difference between ProteanChess and Francfort.
In ProteanChess, a captured pawn continues in the same direction. A captured black pawn becomes a backward-moving white pawn.
In Francfort a captured pawn becomes a pawn of the opposite colour. A captured black pawn becomes a normal white pawn.

Are both conditions ProteanChess and Francfort accepted for the tourney?
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(3) Posted by Petko Petkov [Monday, Mar 11, 2019 11:43]

Yes, the two forms are allowed. For this reason, it is written in the announcement that the solving program must be mentioned.
Petko A.Petkov
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(4) Posted by Mario Parrinello [Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 18:33]; edited by Mario Parrinello [19-03-21]

I have two questions about GROUP C-Protean chess HS#3:
1) are twins allowed?
2) are more than 2 solutions permitted?
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(5) Posted by Petko Petkov [Thursday, Mar 21, 2019 21:44]

Allowed only HS#3 with exact 2 solutions (no twins!). This form would be best for eventual inclusion of problems in a tournament for solvers.
Petko Petkov
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