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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Xmas French Composition Tournament - Isardam
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(1) Posted by Axel Gilbert [Thursday, Dec 16, 2010 22:34]

Xmas French Composition Tournament - Isardam

Dear chess friends,

It's been a tradition for years now : French chess problem enthusiasts organise their Christmas tournament.
This year the theme is Isardam chess (see definition below).

Send your entries to director Axel Gilbert (me !), email address :

Closing date : jan 15th 2011 midnight (French time = GMT+1 !)
Two sections :
Retro : judge is Eric Pichouron
Non-retro : judge is Michel Caillaud

The results will be given at the ISC, 23th Jan. 2011 - and a little bit later over the internet.

Isardam : all moves that lead to a "Madrasi paralysis" are forbidden, ie : a move is illegal if it leaves a piece threatening an opposite piece of the same kind. This includes taking the opponent's king.

Other conditions and fairy pieces are allowed.
Note that retro problems are unlikely to be C+ so Eric will have a hard time trying to cook every entry ; therefore he says that "retro problem with additional conditions will be less valorized if the solver is not enthusiastic about them!"

The "official" annoucement, in French, with exemples here

Isardam chess was the theme of a recent "Liga Problemista" tournament, so we have some Isardam gems down there :

Looking forward to se your entries

Merry Christmas !

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MatPlus.Net Forum Competitions Xmas French Composition Tournament - Isardam